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DURA-LITE 15 SCBA Cylinders

Structural Composites Industries, the global leader in composite cylinder design and engineering, provides a genuine breakthrough in composites cylinder technology with innovative structural enhancements to the DURA-LITE 15™ product family.

Firefighters and Hazmat personnel have expressed a desire for improvement with regards to impact, abrasion and internal corrosion vulnerability over their current carbon composite cylinders. SCI's exclusive exterior protection process not only reduces long term SCBA cylinder costs, but also extends the service life of the cylinder as compared to non DURA LITE 15™ cylinders.

The DURA-LITE 15™ cylinder is constructed with enhanced fiberglass protection and a uniquely formulated, highly durable exterior coating. The external armor feature results which substantially improved impact and abrasion tolerance.

Drag Test

Two cylinders, a standard configuration cylinder and a DURA-LITE™ cylinder, were subjected to a 1/2 mile drag test across the rough conditions of a harsh blacktop surface.

The results seen here clearly illustrate that the DURA-LITE™ cylinder maintained sound structural integrity where as the standard cylinders structural integrity has been compromised.

Click Here to watch the drag test video.
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